Oregon Chapter

American Association of Teachers of German


Oregon has maintained a strong German presence. German is a vital discipline at the k-12 as well as at the college level. German language and culture classes are offered at all of Oregon’s public universities, at most private universities, and at many public and private high, middle, and elementary schools, with most universities also offering degrees in German.

The Oregon Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German has approximately 80 members, distributed institutionally and geographically across the state.

The chapter is active and aims to promote and improve the teaching of German in Oregon, and to encourage the spirit of cooperation and fellowship among its members. We support COFLT (Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching) and ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), participating in COFLT and ACTFL conferences and events. In addition, we recently started our own tradition of successful mini conferences with high-profile presenters giving workshops for German teachers. Initiated by the University of Oregon in Eugene and now joined by Oregon State University in Corvallis, outreach programs to elementary and middle schools are promoting further the study of German language and culture.  In such programs, OATG members and their institutions are collaborating to stress the importance of German as a discipline and increase visibility for German on all levels.   

Herzlich Willkommen elementary, middle, high school, and college instructors of German to the Oregon Association of Teachers of German!


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